Welcome to a yoga practice!

Coming Soon…

Beginning Tuesday Sept. 15 – I will be offering a 4:00 pm class – CORE STRENGTH VINYASA YOGA – Moderate level with Sylvia 

Beginning Wednesdays Sept.16 at 5:30 pm PILATES, yeah! Followed by MINDFUL FITNESS at 7:00 pm, both classes with Ann Biese

Also coming soon…

Fitness class for beginners anyone?
Participants need to register for this class. You don’t need to be a member or practice yoga to join this class.
FIT.TUESDAY Level 1 – New class for beginners or anybody who would like to optimize their health. No experiences required.  If you can say to yourself “I am not a fit person” this class is for you. We will be working out with light weights, mats, blocks and doing cross fit & yoga movements to safely improve your physical and mental well being. Plan on wearing sneakers  for 2/3 of the class.
Will begin on  Tuesday September 22 if we have at least 8 participants, from 11:00 to 12:00 pm. FIT.TUESDAY will run for 8 consecutive weeks, led by Sylvia – $90.00.
Sign-up before September 9th and I will add 2 free yoga classes in your package. To register, contact me at sylvia@ayogapractice.net


$7 dollars – Community class on Fridays at 6:00 pm 

Sometimes you just have to let it all go

Yoga Yourself Healthy!

Whatever holds you back from living a healthier life, let it go, or let some of it go. Your boss won’t notice.
Make room for a beautiful you and Be “healthily” noticed!
You must “get up to rescue” your body and soul then find freedom in movements and breaths
You don’t have to do things perfectly; simply show up and do your best
“Get Up and Yoga” Yourself Healthy :).

A life in your own skin…

I came to the conclusion that life should always be about you first. As the seasons come and go the only constant is you. So, why not put yourselves first? Looking at habits, un-cluttering the mind, re-thinking friendships, making room for healing meditative sessions and finding yourself in the midst of your own inner season, in your own skin. Confident, assertive and loving who you are completely, unconditionally. It is time to begin again, to uncover the gem of your uniqueness and just simply be you without the flavor of others. Be Bold – honor the season you are in, no apologies required!